Our Services

Wedding ceremonies are as unique as the individuals involved. We will use all the resources we need to make the most out of “Your” special day without losing the emotion and natural feel. We are a team of dynamic, young cameramen who are dedicated to accompany the bride and groom in their moment of great happiness and utmost importance.

Today´s new technology allows us to “get that shot” in quality HD video. All movies are available in blu-ray format 1920×1080 30p/24p or high quality Dvd. We offer coverage with two cameras with a maximum of 11 hours per day shooting time or coverage with 1 camera with a maximum of 10 hours a day.

All work is done with our natural good humor to make you feel at ease and add a more natural feel to the session. Our Business is built on our dedication to you!

Equipment: Our video sessions are performed with cameras using two Canon 5D Mark II with Canon lens: 16-35 mmf2.8, 24-70 mm f2.8, 50 mm f1.2. We use wireless lavaliere microphone, however, close circuit is also available. LED Illumination with filters for special effects help create those memorable magazine like “Romantic” scenes.

The exchange of wedding vows is a celebration to remember for a lifetime as it tells of your love, devotion and understanding for each other.
Capture it forever! relieve it again and again. Don´t wait another moment contact us ar: video@indigowedding.com or leave a message in the contact box.
Thank you for your time.